I am a Writer/Director & Filmmaker originally from Havana,

Though I was born in the Soviet Union

Where my parents (both children of the Revolution)

Studied the “little red book” at a Russian Communist Institution.

Young lovers of Socialism, they were young and filled with idealism,

Memorizing Tolstoy and Marxism

In the land of borscht, babushkas and Baryshnikov.

At 45 days old my mother sent me on a plane from Moscow to Havana on my own.

Grandparents anxiously waiting for me back home

In Cuba: country of Coppelia, Cohibas, classic Cadillacs and Celia Cruz.

Until 1986, moved to East Berlin

First time I tasted sauerkraut, schnitzel, bratwurst and prunes.

Strolled down Alexanderplatz, watched German cartoons

And went to kindergarten in the land of Bach, Brecht, Bausch and Bauhaus.

Six months later we were back on a plane

Goodbye GDR, headed to Cuba once again.

Back to the island of eternal summers, idyllic beaches, sugarcanes and palm trees.

It was in Cuba where I felt most uninhibited and free.

Until the day in 1989 when my mom and stepdad were assigned a job in the UK. 

Leaving family, friends and culture behind, only to find my identity redefined

In the land of royals and aristocrats, double decker buses and afternoon tea.

First kiss in 1993 to a Cockney boy named Lee who lived in the Camden Council flats.

In 1999 moved to Lanzarote –

Tourist destination, charter flight vacations, European holiday escape

Island of aloe vera, volcanoes and lunar landscapes

Sand dunes, sand storms, and sirocco

Situated just 431 miles off the coast of Morocco.

I lived there until Y2K, then moved away to Madrid,

Land of El Cid, tapas, sangrias and midday siestas.

Off to California in 2001 to study Film and Television at UCLA 

With a double-minor in Chicano Studies and African American studies.

2005 graduated with a BFA

Toured my one-woman spoken word show all over the USA for over 10 years

Spoken word poetry and performance art became my full time career

Winning National awards and showcasing at over 1000 colleges and universities.

Opened stages for Kamala Harris, Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, Pitbull and the Black Eyed Peas.

Went to graduate school at CalArts in 2012 to pursue two MFA degrees.

Wrote, directed and produced 4 short films between 2012 and 2015.

2008-2015 was the official poet for the Annual Diversity Gala on KCET

In 2016 my feature screenplay was recipient of the Hedgebrook Screenwriting Lab

Ecstatic at the award, I was completely floored to get to work on my screenplay

Mentored by Robin Swicord (Matilda, Little Women, Memoirs of a Geisha)

and Pamela Gray (Conviction and Music of the Heart).

My most recent short film LITTLE CON LILI won Best in Fest 

at the HBO Women in Comedy Festival (2019) —-

and Best Comedy Short Contest with NBC

Official selection: LA Shorts International Film Festival (2019)

Official selection:  Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (2019)

and winner of the $20K Post Production FOTOKEM Award at LALIFF (2019)

Official selection: HBO presents NY Latino Film Festival (2019)

Official selection: The Short Cinema: Leicester International Film Festival (2019)

Official selection: San Diego Underground International Film Festival (2019)

Official selection: Cine Magnifico! Albuquerque Latino Film Festival (2019)

Official selection: Burbank International Film Festival (2019)

Official selection: Catalina Film Festival (2019)

Official Selection: Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (2019)

I have a feature currently in development with Jason Berman (of Mandalay Pictures).

This is me! A passionate creative artist who’s grown up all over the place

Hoping to tell inclusive stories about the human race.

Hoping to leave my mark, my voice, my creative and unique vision

Imprinting culture and diversity onto film and television.