Cañaverales de Pasión

November 25, 2015



A Very Important Letter:

A Matter of Life or Death




Dear Mr. Vega Infante de la Rosa,



My name is Lili Amalia Castillo-Diaz and I am almost ten years old. I am writing to you because I am the biggest fan of your television show Cañaverales de Pasion, along with my Aunt Eileen who also watches religiously.


I think that I would be the most perfect writer for your Tv show. Even though my Aunt Eileen talks at the television like it’s all really happening, I know that they are all actors reading lines, and I know that when Don Lorenzo got stabbed a few episodes ago by the nurse at the hospital who turned out to be conspiring with his long lost brother Ferdinando Bravo de la Cruz (nice twist by the way- very unexpected)- I knew it wasn’t real blood, and that the actor playing Don Lorenzo was ok. I wasn’t fooled, even though my Aunt Eileen practically had an epileptic fit on her rocking chair and I had to fan her back to life.


Anyway, I had some ideas about what can happen with the show and I would like to make a meeting with you sometime next week, preferably after school, or on the weekends. I have softball on Saturdays till 3pm, but I am free after that. I am very familiar with meetings. My mom and dad work at the Best Western and last year they couldn’t afford a babysitter so they would pick me up from school and take me back to the hotel with them and I would have to wait around until they got off work and sometimes I would sit in on employee meetings. So I know everything about meetings.  So I will be prepared with a paper and a pen to make lots of notes and if you could please make sure that Don Lorenzo can also attend the meeting, cause I have some ideas I would like to run by him as well.


Why should you agree to meet with a ten year old Mister Vega Infante de la Rosa? Because I am no ordinary eleven year old, I am a go-getter like my mother. I work really hard to accomplish what I want in life and I have won a bunch of awards for my writing at school. When I was in the fourth grade I wrote a poem about homeless people after going to a soup kitchen and my teacher Mary Deavin was so impressed she didn’t believe I had written it- that’s how good it was! But my mom saw me write it, so she told her that I had been so moved by the field trip to the church to feed the poor people that I had written the poem when I had gotten home from school.


 I also won an award for best short story that I wrote about that was inspired by the mentally disabled girl at our school who wants to become a singer. She is not very good in real life. Between you and me Mister Vega Infante de la Rosa, she has a horrible voice! But in my story I say she sings like a canary and I talk about how anyone who has a dream can make their dream come true, even if they have a disability. It was a very good story if I may say so myself. My mother says it’s bad to be arrogant but it’s good to be confident. I hope I am being confident because I would really like for you to hire me to write for Cañaverales de Pasion. My story about the disadvantaged girl went on to win not only the best short story at my school, but also in my entire school district for my age group. My mother was super proud. She knows I am writing you this letter and she said she would find a way to mail it to your office for me. She said “Lili, good things don’t just happen. You have to make them happen” so I am writing to you sir, hoping that you will see what a great writer I am and will want to make a meeting with me to talk about working together.


I don’t think I would want to leave school and all my friends and my mom would murder me if I didn’t go to high school and college, but I could write for your amazing Telenovela over the summers and you could pay me a little bit so I could buy a new bike and save up to buy a computer and not have to do all my homework at school or at the Business Center at the Best Western (where my mother works).


Thank you so much for your time Mister Vega-Infante de la Rosa. One of my dreams in life is to write for your Telenovela and to meet Don Lorenzo.




Hasta la vista,




Lili Amalia Castillo Diaz



"Dear Mister Vega Infante de la Rosa" is a Short Story in the Collection "Little Con Lili" by Gabriela Garcia Medina.

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