Sam & Larry, is a short film (in an anthology series of weird LA stories that take place throughout the different seasons). Inspired by Eric Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales, and Four Seasons series. My anthology series also focuses on morality, and the things humans do behind closed doors. All stories take place in Los Angeles during different times of the year.


Sam & Larry is the story of two socially awkward individuals, who devise a plan to get rid of their neighbor's dog, who's constant barking disrupts their daily routine.


Sam is a woman in her forties, who works in the deli at her local Supermarket. Larry is an eccentric, aging, blind man. Sam met Larry through a Craigslist ad and became Larry’s caretaker developing an odd relationship. Is what they have love? Have they found their soul mate in one another? Someone who accepts them for who they are, in all their weirdness, perversions, and idiosyncrasies? Or have they given up on life and love altogether, and instead, settled for what they feel they deserve: Each other.




Little Drifter  is a coming of age story about a little boy (Alex) learning to deal with the divorce of his parents. While trying to make sense of what is happening around him, Alex is sucked into a world of dreams, night-terrors and bizarre fantasies that blur the line between conscious and subconscious.


There are two worlds that exist simultaneously and that bleed into each other throughout the course of the film: The real and the imagined. The real is sterile, empty, lonely and hopeless. The imagined is nightmarish, fantastical, and bizarre. The film is an exploration of a child’s loss of innocence as a result of a life altering/traumatic event.


Through this story,  I sought to explore the point of no-return, the moment when a child loses that very essence of what it is to be free, hopeful, alive.



Amara is a story about grief, and its effects on family. It is the story of a father and daughter who cope with the loss of the mother/wife to cancer. It's a story of addiction, escape and wanting to hold on to the past, whatever the cost. After the death of Amara, her husband Jace is electrically shocked while the is fixing a broken cassette player in his garage. This shock, jolts him into reliving a memory with his wife. After realizing the power of the machine, he becomes addicted to the electric shocks so that he can relive memories with Amara. His addiction to the machine creates a separation between him and his daughter who he neglects more and more as he becomes more obsessed with reliving his past. He must learn to accept the loss of his wife and move forward in order to return to the present moment and move forward through life with his daughter.




Emily, is a short film set in the late 1940s, about a young girl who witnesses the suicide of her older sister at the Catholic boarding school they both attend. As a result, Emily develops an odd fascination with holes, and believes they are the way to escape the real world, and reunite with her sister. 

What attracted me to Produce the project was the strong visual story-telling, and the psychological cinematic perspective explored through the ambitious art and production design. The minimal verbal language replaced by images. And the very dark, and human hole of loneliness that a person/child can escape to, when hit with a traumatic event.